KRONOS Atari Bench 2.50

Last update : November 15 2023

New in 2.50 (March 2021)

- Add AES bench

New in 2.03 (1 Mars 2020)

- Kronos can be called in batch for automatic test

- New test 68000 reference performance

- Separation test between opengl and "motherboard perf" results

- New bench default reference now reference is TT30 at 48Mhz

New in 2.02 (november 2010)

- More video card recognized

- Better coldfire support

News in 2.01

- Fix some cookies informations errors

- Detection of CaTTamaran accelerator card

- Now Mo results are conform to international definition (10^6 bytes) while previously this was 2^20 bytes (1048576) => results are now around 4,8% higher than with previous version.

Download: KRONOS 2.50 (full version) (4.7 Mo)

Some results with Kronos 1.70 - 1.71 - 1.91 - 2.00

Mother card perfs (No display, TTRam and FPU if possible)

Find a lot of Kronos results in Kronos Guillaume Tello pages:

Some Kronos pictures

Desktop Truecolor 32bits

Results details in TrueColor 32bits

Computer informations
Super fréquence sous MagicMac PPC, c'est normal
mais ca n'augure pas des perfs Cf lisezmoi.txt

Kronos can run in black & white 640 * 400 on an STf 2.5Mo

Affichage des cookies entre autre.


News in 2.00 version:
- Support Coldfire processor (need CF68Klib to work) - recognize coldfire board- Native benchs for FPU, VDI, OpenGL and mother board perfs + use of native screen.ldg- Update cookie detection (probably the most complete cookie list)- Fix a bug when KRONOS finish with a dynamic lib (possible crash)- Separation of opengl test and mothercard speed evaluation (now opengl test is fully video dependant and opengl dynamic library can be change by an accelerated one if avaible (do it yourself), while mothercard evaluation is based on opengl tests without video but in this case dynamic lib can't be replace by an other so perform this test with main processor using CPU and FPU)